Extensive market research has been carried out to ensure that the brands carried by Group247 offer the best that the market demands. A high emphasis has been placed on sourcing value for money products which will garner a positive reputation for the company going forward.  For our customer, this creates a one-stop-shop in sourcing reliable products, allowing for efficient supply chain management. 

Our customers’ satisfaction is our primary goal. Our Business Development Managers work tirelessly to advocate the needs of our stockists nationwide. If our market demands a product, Group247 will ensure that we source a reputable brand to meet that need. When such a brand option isn’t available- we will manufacture our own. High quality products are essential to our success.

For our loyal customers, this site provides a safe, efficient route to accessing our wide variety of brands. With a trade log in, customers can order stock, review their order history, or view their account details. If you are a customer and would like to request a log in, please email