• Meet Bronagh

    Meet Bronagh

    Apr 21, 2021

    We are delighted to introduce you to our new Customer Sales Representative here at 247 Lighting. Bronagh has extensive sales experience and will be supporti

  • 40W Adjustable Work Lamp

    40W Adjustable Work Lamp

    Jan 21, 2019

    This outstanding waterproof work lamp contains 8 High Performance LEDs and produces a massive 3400 lumens from its 6” frame.

  • Introducing Absaar

    Introducing Absaar

    Oct 18, 2018

    Introducing Absaar to our loyal customer base.

  • Meet Brendan

    Meet Brendan

    Nov 30, -0001

    Almost 20 years with the company Brendan is an integral part of the 247Lighting structure and has been instrumental in developing the brand throughout Ire..

  • Meet Roisin

    Meet Roisin

    Nov 30, -0001

    With a strong, extensive sales background and as a part of our Customer Sales Representative team, Roisin acts as a key driver in developing quality...

  • Meet Nigel

    Meet Nigel

    Nov 30, -0001

  • IP Ratings Explained

    IP Ratings Explained

    Nov 30, -0001

    IP ratings consist of the letters IP followed by two digits, these summarise the scale of protection offered from dirt and moisture.

  • Meet Emese

    Meet Emese

    Nov 30, -0001

    We welcome our new Customer Sales Representative to our team.

  • Order Online with Group 247

    Order Online with Group 247

    Nov 30, -0001

    Online ordering is quick and convenient when ordering from 247 Lighting.Access thousands of products, real-time stock, access to pricing,invoices and more

  • Covid-19 Update

    Covid-19 Update

    Nov 30, -0001

    Open for Business - Phone, Email & Online Ordering Available

  • Meet Michael

    Meet Michael

    Nov 30, -0001

  • EP 066 LED Inspection Lamp

    EP 066 LED Inspection Lamp

    Nov 30, -0001

    247 Lighting stock a wide range of LED Inspection Lamps, LED torches and Rechargeable Inspection Lamps,